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Why iLLPY ?

Unified and Facilitated

iLLPY Salary and Commissions

This card is intended for the payment of salaries and commission of employees and service providers. Ideal for outsourced employees. Through our exclusive technology, the bearer can do almost everything they can with a traditional bank account: 24 hour network withdrawals, purchases, account payment, transfers between bank accounts, transfers between cards, plus up to 30% of your online salary available via APP and WEB. The only prepaid card in the world which you can accumulate points.

In the palm of your hand

iLLPY Digital

Transfer between cards, either of the same ownership or third parties, (either by cpf, email or QRCode of your friend or family member) the transfer is online and ontime!
Transferência para conta bancária, seja de mesma titularidade ou terceiros;

Pagamento de Contas (Boletos bancários, agua, luz, energia, telefone entre outras);

Agendamento de transações bancárias e pagamentos, utilizando a tecnologia iLLPY;

Além de ganhar pontos, você também pode comprar ou vender direto da sua conta iLLPY Salário e muito mais...

Always by your side

Emergency Limit

Did your account not close at the end of the month? Don't worry, with iLLPY you have up to 30% of your salary through the EMERGENCY LIMIT, and most importantly, we do not query the SPC / SERASA, so you can count on the emergency limit even if you are negative.
Best of all this is that it is not a loan, you can request up to 30% emergency of your salary and receive the amount in your iLLPY account immediately, direct by the App.

You're iLLPY, your family too!

Additional Card

You can request up to 4 Additional Cards with just the cost of Issuance for your family members and transfer the values ​​you want 24 hours a day from anywhere you are with just one click on your Smartphone or through the WEB. With greater spending control between cards and with ONLINE management.

Benefits for your company and its employees


Much more than an Online Bank. A smart solution for your company make the lives of your employees more iLLPY!

Payments and Transfers

Payment of tickets and scheduling of bank transactions. Transfer of values ​​between your relatives or friends iLLPY, so you can help or receive a little help when you need it, the money transferred from one iLLPY account to another is online and immediate!

Emergency Limit

iLLPY offers up to an additional 30% of the salary of its employees, your company does not pay anything for it and its collaborators thank

Online Purchases

You do not need a bank, you shop online with your salary iLLPY around the world and still earn points, amazing! In addition to earning points, you can also buy or sell direct from your iLLPY Salary account.

Additional Card

If you are iLLPY, your family is also part of our family. You can request up to 4 additional accounts that will be linked to your iLLPY Salary

When you need it most, we'll help you!

Emergency Limit

iLLPY is the only company that offers the emergency limit of up to 30% of your salary in an online and immediate, simple way.


You in control

Intuitive system and simplified management for your company. Your employees will love our App


Those in need are in a hurry.

Access your iLLPY account Pay by App or via the Web and in seconds the value is released!


Confidence you win

Security is serious, in addition VISA performs billions of transactions around the world


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